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Meet the most cheerful bird around us

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Red - vented Bulbul

Among various birds seen during morning walk in our locality , ‘BULBULS ’ are the most cheerful, active and musical birds which draw attention by their pleasing voice. They belongs to family called ‘ Pycnonotidae ‘.

· They have a variety of cheerful, loud, chattering, bubbling and whistling call.

· They feed on berries, fruits, buds, nectar, insects etc.

· They are mainly tropical and sub-tropical birds.

· Their body size varies from 15 to 28 cm.

India is home to a number of different types of Bulbuls, some of them are displayed here for having brief idea about them. All photographs have been clicked in their natural habitat located at cities like Kolkata, Amritsar, Mcleodganj (H.P.) & Kanpur.

· Red – vented Bulbul :- Normally sighted throughout India except J & K. It has short-crested black head, white ramp, white-tipped black tail and red vent from which it derive its name. Its call is sharp and repetitive with ‘quick – quick ‘.

Two sub-category are – ‘ Humayuni ‘ and ‘Bengalensis ‘.

Red - vented Bulbul (Humayuni)
Red-vented Bulbul (Bengalensis)

· Red whiskered Bulbul :- Normally sighted all over India except parts of North and North –west. A very colorourful and attractive bird having fast movement.

It has glossy black-crown and crest, a striking red patch behind eyes from which it derive its name , a white patch on lower ear-coverts, a black stripe below throat, white underparts and red vent.

Red -whiskered Bulbul

· Himalayan Bulbul :- Resident of the hilly terrain of Himalayas, mainly sighted in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Northern part of West Bengal.

A crested bulbul with white cheeks, brownish – gray upperparts and yellow vent. They are accomplished singer. They give alarm call as ‘ wik-wik-wik-wiker ‘.

Himalayan Bulbul

Due to quick movement and melodious sound of this bird, we often use to say someone as ‘ Bulbul ki tarah chhakana ‘. Owing to its jovial nature Bulbul has inspired poets and lyricists who had penned a number of songs for Hindi films carrying its name.

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