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Silk Cotton, Palash, Bottlebrush & Yellow Bells Flowers: Nature’s Way of celebrating Holi

Updated: Apr 13

Silk Cotton, Palash, Bottlebrush & Yellow Bells Flowers: Nature’s Way of celebrating Holi

आया वसंत, खिल उठे पलाश वन-उपवन।

हुआ सुर्ख लाल, प्रकृति का घर-आँगन।।

Silk Cotton Flowers

Palash Flowers

Bottlebrush Flowers

Yellow Bells Flower (with Purple Sunbird)

·      Normally during the months of February, March and April (say Spring season), weather is very pleasant in India. This is the period when indigenous as well as exotic varieties of colourful flowers bloom and create magnificent glimpses in gardens, parks and all around us.

·      The festival of colour - Holi, falls in the month of February or March and during this period, the Nature also celebrates Holi in its own way by displaying the colourful flowers on the trees of Silk Cotton, Bottlebrush and Yellow Bells. These are naturally growing trees and their flowers bloom around festival of Holi. We can enjoy their beautiful view all along the way – inside parks, along the road & footpaths, around our residences etc.


       Salient features of Silk Cotton Tree

Silk Cotton Flowers

·      It is a large deciduous tree, native to tropical and sub – tropical area.

·      Their flowers are of three different colours – Red, Orange and Yellow.

·      It is ornamental as well as medicinal tree which attracts large numbers of birds and insects in blooming season.

·      This tree is also a source of cotton fibre, hence it is named as ‘Silk Cotton’. The natural fibres obtained from this tree are used in pillows.

·      Hindi name is ‘Semul or Shimul’ (सेमुल ).

·      The botanical name of this plant is Bombax ceiba.


Silk Cotton Trees

Salient features of Palash Tree

Palash Flowers

·      Due to flame –like shape of its flower, it is known as ‘Flame of the Forest’.

·      It is State flower of Uttar Pradesh & Jharkhand.

·      It is a species of tropical and sub-tropical parts of South and South-east Asia.

·       Flowers of Palash bloom in the months of February to April.The tree drops most of its leaves and appears bright orange due to blooming flowers. Flowers of Palash may be found in three different colours – Orange,Yellow and White.

·      It is considered as a holy tree. As the flower of Palash has three petals , it is believed to represent three Gods – Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh.

·      It is ornamental as well as medicinal tree.Its flowers, leaves, seeds and bark are used for Ayurvedic treatment.

·      It attracts large numbers of birds and insects in blooming season. Mainly Purple Sunbirds, Parakeets, Squirrels, Bulbuls etc. can be seen feeding on the tree.

·      Hindi name is पलाश  , ढाक  (Dhak), टेसू (Tesu).

·      The botanical name of this plant is ‘Butea monosperma’.

·      Its beauty and vibrant colour has inspired poets for writing poems describing colourful landscape in its blooming season.

       Salient features of Bottlebrush Tree

Bottlebrush Flowers

·      As the red flowers of this tree look like the brush normally used for cleaning of bottles, it is called Bottlebrush’. The blooming flowers of Bottlebrush tree presents a colourful view during the months of February and March.

·      It is a medium – sized, semi – deciduous tree mainly planted in gardens, and parks for decorative purposes.

·      Hindi name is ‘Cheel   (चील ).


·      The botanical name of this plant is Callistemom viminalis.

Bottlebrush trees

       Salient features of Yellow Bells Tree

Yellow Bells Flower

·      Deep yellow colour, funnel – shaped flowers bloom during Spring season and attract attention of all visiting the parks and gardens. It is also planted along the road medians or along the sides of footpaths for ornamental purposes.

·      Yellow Bells flowers attract honeybees, butterflies, birds and insects.

·      It has dense evergreen leaves. Flowers and leaves have medicinal use also.

·      The botanical name of this plant is Tecoma stans.

·      Its Hindi name is ‘Piliya’पीलिया’.

Yellow Bells Tree

# The blooming red flowers of Silk Cotton, Palash, Bottlebrush and yellow flowers of Yellow Bells trees during Spring season, makes the skyline dotted with colourful canvas and present a pleasing scene for all of us. It seems that the Nature is celebrating Holi in its own way.                                                       



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