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Orioles : Representative Bird of Spring Season

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


· In Spring season (Vasant ritu) as the nature covers itself with yellow colour in backdrop of lush green mustard fields , so the common people celebrate it drapped in yellow costume. A unique bird displaying deep yellow colour naturally draw our attention. The birds are known as Orioles . By watching them, we can feel that God has poured lots of spectacular yellow colour on these beautiful birds. The yellow colour is associated with good fortune, spirituality , vibrant energy and joy for all beings.

· Orioles belongs to ‘Oriolidae family. In India mainly ‘Indian Golden Oriole and ‘Black – hooded Oriole’ are widespread.

· Here Black-hooded Orioles have been displayed which are pictured in their natural habitat around Kolkata. Its scientific name is ‘Oriolus xanthornus’. Orioles are medium – sized passerine bird. Normally found in leafy plant & tress. They feed mainly on fruits and insects. They are usually seen single or in pairs. Their flight are powerful and undulating with fast wing – beats.

· They have pleasing fluty, whistling voice and harsh calls.

· It has glossy black head contrasting with golden – yellow body, bold yellow edges to black tertials and mainly yellow tail.

· Due to bright yellow colour, it is popularly known as ‘Haldi pakhi’ or ‘ turmeric bird’ in West Bengal. In Hindi it is called as ' Topidar Peelak'.

Let us enjoy the beautiful view of orioles in this Spring season and have good fortune.

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