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Amazing Facts about Owls

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Amazing Facts about Owls

Hello Friends,

Warm welcome to the paradise of magnificent & loving birds.


Spotted Owlets

India is very rich in flora and fauna. Besides being home to diverse avian species, it plays role of a great host for a number of migrating birds who visit this land not only from neighbouring countries but as far as from Siberia also.

Here we present glimpses of ’Spotted Owlet ‘which has prominent white spotting on crown, mantle and wing coverts. Scientific name of Spotted owlet is “ Athene Brama ”.

Some special features of owls are as below :

· Normal size : Length - 19 – 21 cm , Wing Length – 143 -171 mm

· Owls hunt mostly small mammals, insects and other birds. They eat a lot of rodents and hence natural pest control for farmers.

· They have binocular vision and can rotate their heads & necks as much as 270 degree. They are far sighted and cannot focus an object within a few centimetre of their eyes.

· Unlike most birds, owl’s flight is silent.

· They live in the hollow of trees or in cavities in rocks or buildings.

· Their call is a harsh screechy chirurr – chirurr – chirurr , followed by cheevak, cheevak, cheevak.

· They are spotted around habitation and cultivation.

# As per Hindu mythology owl is considered very auspicious bird which is vaahan (carrier) of Goddess Lakshmi. In ancient Greece, the Little owl was the companion of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, which is one reason why owls symbolize learning and wisdom.

About images :

· Being a nocturnal bird, it is believed that an owl couldn’t see in day light. But these rare images of Spotted owlet will certainly clear the doubt of daytime vision power regarding them.

· Owls are very much able to see during day light. However their vision power increase at night time. It can also be observed that they live in group /family and are very loving and caring towards each other. A group of owls is called a “Parliament “.

· All these hidden aspects of owl‘s behaviour have been visualized through camera lens.

Spotted Owlets

Feel & enjoy the beauty of pics and thank Nature for its great creation……..

Wish a very Happy & prosperous Diwali to one & all.


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