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View the lucky charm and one of the most colourful Indian Bird

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Indian Roller ( Neelkanth )

'Indian Roller' (Neelkanth) is one of the most colourful Indian bird having a range of vibrant blue colour shades on wings. As per Hindu mythology, it is believed to be a good luck charm for viewers since its name is associated with Lord Shiva.

· It belongs to the family of ‘ Coraciidae’ which means ‘ the rollers’ . This family name is assigned due to display of aerobatics twists and turns by them during flight. Its scientific name is ‘Coracias benghalensis’.

· Normally it is found across India. It can be seen in cultivation, open woodland, grassland & gardens .

· They mainly feed on insects, spiders, scorpions, small snakes, lizards and amphibians.

· Its call can be identified as ‘ chack- chack-chack’.

· Their body size varies from 26 to 34 cm.

· Here photographs of Indian Roller have been displayed for visual delight. All photographs have been clicked in its natural habitat at Cantonment area, Kanpur.

Let us view theNeelkanth’ in different action & style and have a nice & fulfilling day.

· During flight it displays magnificent shades of blue colour which attract attention of viewers.

Have a fabulous day.

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