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Red Avadavat : A cute, agile bird

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Red Avadavat : A cute, agile bird

Red Avadavat (Female)

Red Avadavat (Male)

Sometimes God creates life and paints it so beautifully that simple view of His creation bring bliss to all of us. ‘Red Avadavat’ – a small pretty bird, is one of them which has been painted with spectacular colours and white dots scattered attractively on wings.

‘Red Avadavat’ has been named so because of prominent red coloured bill and plumage. It is believed that ‘avadavat’ is derived from ‘Ahmedabad ’, in Gujarat, from where this cage bird was exported to other countries in old times.

Salient features of Red Avadavat :

· Body colours of male and female are quite different. While male appears red with irregular white dots , female display grey-brown upperpart, yellowish underpart , red bill & part of tail with white dots spread on wings. Eyes are bright red.

· The colour of bill changes according to season. It begins to change red in May –June and becomes dark by November – December. Then the colour of bill start changing gradually and turns to black by April. The seasonal change in colour of bill follow a cyclic pattern annually. This is a very specific feature of this bird. They keep themselves concealed in dense leafy branches of trees. It is hard to see them.

· Their call is a weak , high-pitched warble which includes a thin ‘teei’ and variety of high-pitched chirps. Their voice is very musical.

· They are very active bird and keep moving for food. They feed mainly on small seeds, insects etc.

· They are normally sighted in tall wet grassland, marshes, sugarcane fields, scrubs etc.

· Its scientific name is ‘Amandava amandava’ and it belongs to ‘Estrildidae family.

· Its Hindi name is लाल मुनिया (Lal Muniya)’.

Photos of Red Avadavat

Video of Red Avadavat

All photos have been clicked in their natural habitat at Kanpur.

# View of Red Avadavat’ indicates how much colourful birds are living around us. We must save vegetation to save natural habitat of these beautiful birds which play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance on the Earth.


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