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Meet the uncrowned King of birds

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

White-throated kingfisher

· Sight of ‘ Kingfisher ‘, a brightly coloured bird while walking along a lake/pond is really mesmerizing.

· Kingfisher possesses magnificent coloured plume, long & powerful beak and strong wings to fly.

· Very active in morning and can be seen perched on the side of lakes/ponds concentrating on fish. Their flight are very fast and they plunge on prey so swiftly and quickly that they seldom miss the target. After catch they return to earlier location and enjoy their food. They eat mainly fish, tadpoles, frogs, snakes, crabs, lizards & rodents.

· They belongs to family called ‘Alcedinidae ‘.

White-throated Kingfisher

· Kingfishers found in different variants in different regions. Here ‘’White-throated ( or White-breasted) Kingfisher and ‘ Pied Kingfisher’ have been displayed in different action, mood and location. The photographs have been captured mainly in New Town area wetland, Kolkata and Harike Wetland, Punjab. Harike (or Hari-ke-Pattan) wetland is located at the confluence of river Sutlej and Beas in the districts of Taran-Taran & Ferozpur, Punjab. It is the largest wetland of North India and home to large number of migratory aquatic and other rare bird species.

· The change in pattern of white throat or white breast in kingfishers of different area can be visualized in photographs.

· They can turn their head to complete backside which can be seen in pic.

· Their call is loud and can be identified as ‘kililili’ .

Pied Kingfisher

Pied Kingfisher at Harike Wetland, Punjab

· Pied Kingfisher display black & white stripes/patches on body & crest .Male has double breast band. Female has singly, usually broken, breast band.

Their call is a sharp ‘ chirruk chirruk’.

A special attraction

A beautiful view of man-made big bird ( Aeroplane of Scoot Airlines , Singapore) hovering over Harike Lake before landing at SGRDJI Airport, Amritsar.

Due to high level of concentration, fast moves, quick decision, expertise in catching prey 'Kingfishers ' really represent qualities which symbolized in their name and truly dubbed as uncrowned king of birds.

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