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Meet the birds who derive their name from the Sun

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Elegant ' Purple Sunbird '

Meet the birds who derive their name from the Sun

It was a pleasant day in Amritsar, the Holy City, when we saw a group of tiny vibrant birds hovering inside thickets of plants. The birds were very active and displaying shining violet and olive colours. They drew our attention and without losing time we were chasing them with our camera. Some of the amazing snaps are presented here for connoisseurs like you highlighting beauty & action of these small birds who derived their name from the Sun and known as “ SUNBIRDS “.

A charming ' Purple Sunbird ' (male)

Sunbird - Ready to fly

A purple Sunbird ( Female )

A female Sunbird - Olive above & yellowish below

Sunbird - Planning to sip nectar from flowers

Sunbird - sipping nectar from flower (downward position )

Drinking nectar (upward position )

A stylish sunbird - fully concentrated on drinking nectar
Female Sunbird drinking nectar - deriving it's family name as Nectariniidae

Special features of “Purple Sunbirds”

(Cinnyris asiaticus)

· Sunbirds belong to a family of ‘Nectariniidae’ of passerine birds. While they mainly drink nectar from flowers, also intake insects and small plants. Being a ‘passerine’. they possess toes in such a way - three pointing forward and one backward.

· Small in size i.e. 3 to 8 inches in length.

· Long, thin, down-curved bills, brushed-tipped tongues for nectivory,

Manuvering during drinking nectar

· Brightly coloured and having metallic sheen.

· Male Purple Sunbirds display bright purple colour while female sunbirds display olive above and yellowish below. Normally seen in pairs or small groups.

Sunbird - In conversation with plant

Enjoying company of flowers after having a bath

About to drink nectar from upside down position

Drinking nectar in upside down position
Engrossed in Sipping nectar

Ready to take off after finishing drinking nectar

· Very active and having fast movement – catch attention of bird’s lovers.

· Talkative birds , song consists of rattles and metallic sounding.

The Purple Sunbirds are true to their name – full of energy like the Sun, glow shine colour, sharp sound , very loving and attracting…….an inspiration for all.

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