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Lapwings - one of the most agile wading birds

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


Red-wattled Lapwing , at Ranthambhor, Rajasthan
Red-wattled Lapwing , at Ranthambhor, Rajasthan

· During walk in a pleasant morning a flock of birds giving loud alarm calls as ‘ did he do it , did he do it’ & ‘did did did’ draw our attention and driven by curiosity we started to follow them.

We clicked some beautiful photographs of these magnificent birds displaying black cap & neck , red bill with black tip, yellow legs, white patch on ear coverts & white collars – known as ‘Red - wattled Lapwing”. These are the widely spread residents of India.

· A medium to large wading bird, displays superb manoeuvring during flight. They are very active and able to change course of flight conveniently and swiftly.

Red-wattled Lapwings in flight

· They feed mainly in early morning and in moon-lit night.

· They belongs to family called ‘Charadriidae ‘ and scientific name is ‘ Vanellus indcus’ .


Yellow - wattled Lapwing

· A variant of Lapwing displaying yellow wattles & legs, white eye-strip, unique black cap, brown breast-band & white belly – known as ‘ Yellow-wattled Lapwing’.

· Their call are distinctive as tchee - it’ & ‘tit - tit - tit’.

· Normally live in pairs or small flocks.

· Scientific name is ‘ Vanellus malabaricus.

The colourful wattles, superb flight, highly active movement and distinctive sharp voice – all these features make Lapwings a very interesting bird.

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