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International Day of Forests (21st March)

Updated: Mar 16

विश्व वानिकी दिवस  (21 मार्च)

International Day of Forests (21st March)

Allen Forest at Kanpur Zoo : A Unique Forest within City

Plaque inside children's park at Krishnapuram , Kanpur

A Shloka from Srimad Bhagavat Purana about importance of Trees

·      The largest zoological park of North India – Kanpur Zoo – is located inside the natural forest. It has sprawling 77 Hectares (approx.).

·      The forest developed on the outskirts of Cawnpore city between 1913 & 1917, by George Berney Allen, (1862 – 1917), an industrialist & newspaper proprietor.

·      Lush green forest & large lake area is home to a number of terrestrial & aquatic wildlife and birds which can be sighted during Jungle Safari’.

·      Birds can be seen foraging, roosting and nesting in & around lake area.

·       Visitors can have a feeling of natural forest well within the Kanpur city.

·      Conservation of Forest & water bodies is the essence for sustainability of life on the Earth.


Visuals of Flora & Fauna which may be sighted inside Allen Forest :    

A footpath meanders through the forest area connecting 03 Nos. viewing points (Watch Tower) overlooking the lake. Visitors may sight crocodiles basking in the Sun, freely floating on the lake surface, colony of Painted Storks, Indian & Great Cormorants, Oriental Darters, Turtles, Monitor Lizards, Civet Cat, Peacock, Porcupine, Python and other species.

The best time to visit this forest area is from October to April. Forest guide accompany visitors for the tour and provides relevant information regarding wild animals, bird species and trees.

A visit to Allen Forest & Lake area provides an opportunity to feel the wild forest well within Kanpur City.

Famous Quotes about Trees & Forest:

·       By discovering Nature, you discover yourself.

·       A walk in Nature walks the soul back home.

·       Nature is the source of all true knowledge.

·       Nature is pleased with simplicity.

·       Adopt the pace of Nature. Her secret is patience.



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