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Glimpses of Natural beauty nearby Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

· Khajurahoa World Heritage Site in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh is famous for magnificent temples and intricate architecture.

· During our visit to Khajuraho , we have opportunity to explore the natural scenic attraction, spot of historical importance and beautiful dam sites in nearby areas. In fact we found that the vicinity of Khajuraho is dotted with a number of places of tourist attraction.

Here our modest attempt is to present pictorially these beautiful sites as viewed through our lens.

Brief about the spot of attraction

Panoramic view of Raneh Falls

1. Raneh Falls : A hidden treasure

· A natural waterfall on the Ken River, located about 20 Km from Khajuraho town.

· The canyon consists of Igneous rocks of different texture – black Basalt, brown Quartz, red Jasper and pink Granite. This is a rare sight where we can see such a range of different shades of crystalline rock formation.

· The site of Raneh falls is believed to be the crater of volcano which might have formed during Pre-Cambrain period of tectonic evolution of the Earth.

· The canyon is spread in about 5 Km in length. During monsoon the view of canyon at Raneh falls is mesmerizing when the Ken river flows full of water with roaring sound.

· The ‘Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary’ is located at downstream of the narrow gorge where we can see crocodiles swimming across the river.

Glimpes of Raneh Falls

Video of magnificent Raneh Falls

2. Pandav Falls & Caves : A site associated with the Mahabharata era

Mesmerizing Pandav Falls

· The beautiful Pandav falls is on a tributary of Ken river and located on Khajuraho – Panna highway at about 30 km from Khajuraho. This area is inside Panna National Park and truly in the lap of Nature..

· The pool at downstream and adjoining lush green area presents a spectacular view of falls. The layers of Metamorphic rock formation can be seen along the falls which is astonishing.

· As per legends , the Pandavas visited this place during their hiding period (i.e. Agyatvas) . Pandav Cave and statue of God & Goddess , Shivalinga, Nandi bull, small temples and other artefacts.

Glimpses of Pandav Falls

Video of beautiful Pandav Falls

3. Bhim Kund : A mystical site

Bhim Kund

· An underground water body with blue water exists at this spot. The rock above top of water mass is open to sky and daylight reflect through it. The cleavage of rock around impounded water is unique.

· As per legends, during the hiding period the Pandavas were passing through this area . Draupadi, wife of Pandavas fainted under scorching sun due to thirst. Bhim hit the ground with his gada and fountain of water came out of ground. The opening at top portion and clean blue water of Bhim Kund can be seen even today. Shivalinga and a small temple is present at this location which draw lot of belief from nearby villagers.

· The depth of water body is still not known. During sunami in year 2004, disturbance and raising of water level in Bhim Kund has been witnessed by local people. These facts make it very mystical.

Glimpses of Bhim Kund

4. Panna National Park & Tiger Reserve : Natural treasure trove

Entrance to Panna Tiger Reserve

· Panna National Park is located at about 20 Km from Khajuraho . Ken river meanders through this park and presents stunning views along its banks.

· Though we were not lucky enough to spot Tigers , but enjoyed viewing of Chital (spotted deer), Sambhar, wild boars & Blue bull (Nilgai).

· ‘Rajgarh Fort’ – A beautiful old fort, built in Bundela style of architecture, is beside the main Khajuraho – Panna road . A famous film by director Mira Nair has been shot at this fort.

Scenic beauty of Panna National Park

5. Dam Sites on Ken River irrigation system : Ideal Picnic spots

· Rangawan Dam’ - An earthen dam built in year 1957 on the Ken river, created a huge reservoir for irrigation. A beautiful temple can be seen near the dam site. Sunrise view in lake is worth watching. Area is full of marvelous landscape , peace & tranquility.

Rangawan Dam Site

· Bariarpur Weir’ - A weir constructed across the Ken river using stone masonry and vintage iron gates on top. The view of impounded water mass & canal system from top of weir is very impressive.

Vintage Bariarpur Weir

*About Ken River : It is a tributary to the Yamuna river and major river & lifeline to the Bundelkhand region of MP & UP.

At present tourist footfall at these spots are less, but above locations are truly Nature’s bounty and hope bring bliss to nature enthusiasts visitors.

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