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Beating Retreat Ceremony at Attari – Wagah Border – An epitome of Patriotism

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Historic Gate between two countries, Bharat & Pakistan, at Attari - Wagah Border

· Attari-Wagah border check-post located in Amritsar on historical Grand Trunk road passing through Punjab connecting Lahore in Pakistan. The border post is famous for ‘Retreat Ceremony’ organized daily before sunset jointly by Border Security Force (BSF) of Bharat and Rangers of Pakistan. It is a popular place of attraction for domestic as well as foreign tourists visiting holy city of Amritsar.

· During our posting at Amritsar Airport we have been witness to transformation of this small border post into a sport stadium like viewer’s gallery and becoming epitome of patriotism.

View of Retreat ceremony at Attari - Wagah Border , year 2000

Brief about Attari –Wagah border and sequence of Retreat ceremony

· Attari ‘ is the last village on Bharat side. Earlier this area fell under jagir of Sardar Sham Singh Attariwala , one of the generals of Maharaja Ranjit Singh whereas ‘ Wagah is the village on Pakistan side.

· The lowering of national flags known as beating retreat ceremony takes place simultaneously on either side of border in the presence of large number of visitors. This ceremony is being organized since year 1959. Patriotic songs & slogans are echoed from both sides of border.

Glimpses of Beating Retreat at Attari - Wagah Border

· First of all trumpet (bigul) is blown followed by guard of honour which is received by the Commandant of BSF. Thereafter main gates on either side of border are opened by soldiers.

· Parade with fast movement, high lift of legs (known as Goose marching) , rage in eyes, raising hand in fighting gesture, twisting of mustache and other war-like actions are displayed which enthral spectators who cheer on either side. These actions symbolize a mix of sibling rivalry and brotherhood between two countries who were together during freedom movement.

· After the high-voltage parade, national flags of both countries are lowered simultaneously in a dignified manner with sound of trumpet (bigul) in backdrop. People stand at their position in honour of national flag. The ambiance is filled with patriotism.

· Finally the national flags are carried by soldiers with full honour, gates are closed with shake hands between soldiers of both countries and retreat ceremony comes to an end.

Video of Beating Retreat at Attari - Wagah Border

Here the sequence of retreat ceremony has been presented pictorially along with video. It is our endeavour to show Attari-Wagah border those who is yet to visit this unique place and who has already witnessed the show ,they can review and enjoy the moment.

By viewing above photos and video one can feel the flavor of patriotism which goes high at Attari - Wagah border daily during retreat ceremony - a life-time memorable moment.


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