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Baya Weaver : A Proficient Engineer Bird

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Baya Weaver : A Proficient Engineer Bird

Baya Weaver

# Apart from human beings, birds are known for having unique skill of nest building. Out of various bird species, the Baya weaver bird is very proficient in building beautiful nests. It is nicknamed as Engineer bird’ because it makes magnificent nests hanging from the branches of trees.

Salient Features of Baya Weaver:

· Widespread resident bird of India.It has unique yellow crown, dark brown ear-coverts and throat, unstreak yellow breast and yellow streaking on mantle and scapulars.

· Its call is a small "chirping" sound.

· Normally found in grassland, marshes, cultivation and very open woodland.

· They are gregarious birds and live in a group of about 20 to 30 birds. They forage for food together and fly in formation.

· They feed mainly on insects, rodents, caterpillars, fruits etc.

· Scientific name is ‘Ploceus philippinus’. It belongs to Ploceidae’ family. Hindi name – ‘ बया .

· IUCN conservation status: ‘Least Concern’ (LC).

Viewing Baya weaver , an Engineer bird, and their creation of well – designed nest is very inspiring. Although their size is very small, but they are fully power –packed and agile.


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