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A journey along the most sacred river of Central India

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

'Dhuandhar Falls' , Bhedaghat, Jabalpur

NARMADA ‘, the most sacred river of Central India, originates from Amarkantak (in Maikala Range) and flows westward through states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra & Gujarat before falling into Arabian Sea at Gulf of Khambhat. It passes between Vindhya Range (on North) and Satpura Range (on South). During its course of journey, it meanders through a number of places which are famous for scenic beauty and sacred temples. Out of which pictorial view of following three most interesting places as captured through our lens have been displayed here.

BHEDAGHAT (Jabalpur)

. 'Bhedaghat 'is situated by the side of river Narmada about 20 Km from Jabalpur city.

. It is famous for mesmerizing view ofDhuandhar Fallswhich is so named because it looks like smoke coming out of river.

· It is also famous for ‘ Marble rocks’. Here boating in moonlit night is very pleasing and popular.

Bhedaghat Video

· A mammoth statue of Lord Shiva in Dhyan Mudra, located inside Jabalpur city, is another point of attraction. A grand puja is organized at this temple during Shivratri festival.


Omkareshwar Temple, on bank of holy river Narmada

· 'Omkareshwar Temple' dedicated to Lord Shiva , is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga. Temple is located on the sacred island in the shape of ‘Om’ encompassed by river Narmada. It is in Khandwa district of M.P.

· Another famous temple on the South bank of Narmada river is ‘Mamaleshwar Mahadev Temple’.

· A magnificent cantilever bridge connects Omkareswar temple island to main land. Pilgrims can either use this bridge or take boat rides to reach temple.

· Nearby Omkareshwar Dam also presents a beautiful sight.


Ahilya Ghat  at Maheshwar as viewed from holy Narmada River
Ahilya Ghat ,Maheshwar

' Maheshwar' is located on the bank of Narmada river in Khargone district of M.P. The riverfront ghats have numerous Shivalings. The ghats provides a very cool and tranquil ambiance. One can experience the peace within and vibration of nature by strolling along riverfront.

· It is famous for the fort of great Maratha queen & ruler Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar who is remembered for her benevolence towards common people and good governance. She was a devout disciple of Lord Shiva.

· Its old name is ‘Mahishmati’ as mentioned in epics like the Ramayana & the Mahabharata.

· The Maheshwar fort is a fine showpiece of Maratha architecture. Ahilyeshwar Temple, Akhileshwar Temple, Raj Rajeshwari Temple, exquisitely-carved jharokhas, carved panels, chhatri, etc. are magnificent and very impressive.

· A temple in the middle of river Narmada is believed to be made by Ravana, the king of Lanka to worship Lord Shiva.

· The place is also famous for weaving of colourful ‘Maheswari sari’ by Rehwa society.

· The ghats are so scenic and impressive that a number of films and TV serials have been shot here. Famous film ‘Padman’ has beautiful scene of Maheshwar ghats.

· ‘Nimad Utsava’ is organized here every year in the month of December/January in which national and local artists, singers, dancers & musicians participate.

Video of Maheshwar Ghat from boat

Journey to all the these places situated on banks of holy river Narmada fills one with divine calm to soul,peace to mind and mesmerizing beauty to eyes. One can easily feel shower of cosmic energy and closeness to nature by visiting these places and have lifetime memorable moments.

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