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Distinct Features of Asian Koel , Coucal & Black Drongo

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Distinct Features of Asian Koel , Coucal & Black Drongo

Asian Koel (Male)

Asian Koel (Female)

· In Summer season, as the king of fruits - ‘Mango’ gradually grow, the musical call of ‘Koel’ start coming out of mango-orchards. The co-relation between growth of mangoes and call of Koel exists since time immemorial. It has found descript in a number of classical songs, poems, folklore and myths. While we hear musical voice of Koel but we can rarely see them since they hide themselves within leaves and branches of mango trees. This creates confusion when we try to identify Koel among similar looking birds. Here three birds – Asian Koel, Coucal and Black Drongo - have been displayed pictorially for their easy identification. The pics have been snapped at Kolkata, Amritsar & Kanpur.

· Salient features of :

1. Asian Koel

· Male and female Koel have entire different colour and shade. Male Koel has glossy black body with a dull lime-green bill and bright red eyes. Whereas female Koel has brown shade on above parts of body, spotted and barred with white and buff, white shade on below, strongly barred and dark brown. Eyes are bright red.

· They keep themselves concealed in dense leafy branches of trees. It is hard to see them.

· Their call is very pleasing. It is loud and rising which can be heard from long distance. Male voice is like ‘, Koo…ooo, Koo….’ Whereas female voice is like ‘kik..kik…kik…’. Mainly voice of male Koel is appealing and has widely been descript in poems and songs.

· They are very smart bird which lay eggs in the nests of Crows who raise their young.

· They feed on fruits, berries, insects, caterpillars etc.

· Its scientific name is ‘Eudynamys scolopaceus’ and it belongs to ‘Cuculidae’ family.

· Its Hindi name is ‘Koyal’.

· It is state bird of Jharkhand & Puducherry.

Asian Koel

Melodious call of Koel

2. Greater Coucal ( or Crow Pheasant)

Greater Coucal

· Its scientific name is ‘Centropus sinensis’ and it belongs to same family that of Asian Koel i.e. ‘Cuculidae’.

· It has black under-wing coverts and brighter chestnut shade wings. Eyes are bright red and has long graduated tail.

· Their flight is weak. They fly for short distance only, move on ground for feeding. They mainly feed on insects, eggs, etc.

· Mainly it is a silent bird and don’t make much noise. But sometimes make calls like hoop…hoop…hoop….

· Its Hindi name is Mahoka’.

Greater Coucal

3. Black Drongo

Black Drongo

· It has characteristic glossy black plumage, deeply forked (V-shaped) tail .

· A very active and lively bird. A good flier and display swift, strong and undulating direct flight.

· Normally spotted in group or in pair. Can be seen in cultivation and habitation. They mainly feed on insects.

· Its voice a harsh ti-tiuand a harsh chattering cheece…cheece…chichuk….

· Its scientific name is ‘Dicrurus macrocercus’ and it belongs to ‘Dicruridae’ family.

· Its Hindi name is ‘Jungle kotwal’.

Black Drongo

# View the distinctive features of Asian Koel , Greater Coucal & Black Drongo and enjoy the beautiful creation of the Nature.


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